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Argon Medical proudly sources & manufactures interventional vascular and oncology products in the US.

Argon is a US-based manufacturer with over 1,000 employees worldwide. Our brand is recognized for best-in-class products that improve patient outcomes via percutaneous, image-guided procedures. By utilizing a well-established sales and marketing infrastructure, we serve our US customers through a direct sales organization.

In 2021, we continue to invest in developing innovative technologies that improve the lives our customers and the patient’s they treat. In 2020, we introduced Single-loop and Triple loop Retrieval Kits, 16ga BioPince Ultra®, SKATER™ Safety Centesis Catheters, SKATER™ Fix Catheter Fixation Devices, and SKATER™ Extended Length Catheters. In 2021, we anticipate even more innovative vascular and oncology products!

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About Argon Medical Devices, Inc.

Founded in 1972, Argon Medical Devices, Inc., is a global manufacturer of specialty medical devices used in interventional procedures. Argon offers a broad line of disposable medical devices for Interventional Radiology, Interventional Oncology and Vascular Surgery. Based in Frisco, TX, Argon's brand is recognized worldwide for best-in-class products that improve patient outcomes

Argon Medical Devices began 2020 with the launch of the Single-Loop and Triple-Loop Retrieval Kits for use when removing a patient’s implanted vena cava filter. Subsequently, Argon Medical Devices introduced several new devices in the biopsy, drainage, and vascular therapy segments in 2020, despite the global pandemic. The company refers to 2021 as the Year of Innovation because it plans to launch even more innovative new products this year to help facilitate interventional vascular and oncology procedures.

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